About Our Relaxation Treatment Service

We provide relaxation treatment and do not provide any type of medical practice act, such as Anma Massage and Shiatsu which is required by Japanese law to carry national certification to proceed operation.

We always put our best effort to be careful, but as a rare consequence, redness of skin can happen as result if you have requested deeper/stronger pressure treatment. You may also experience muscle pain as reaction to deep massage treatment, so please be self-responsible when making such requests to our therapists.

Please also note in advance, we won’t be responsible for any type of injury with no proven causal relationship with our treatment (especially with injuries caused after our treatment outside of our shop), and do not provide compensation and/or refund toward these claims. This is same if you have misrepresented your identify at our shop.

Conditions which We can’t Provide Treatment Service

We can’t provide our treatment service to guests with following conditions. In case you have decided to receive our treatment regardless, we won’t be responsible for any type of negative impact you may experience as result.

1) Person who is pregnant
2) Person who has a cold/flu
3) Person who is under influence (alcohol, drugs and etc)
4) Person who just had a large amount of meal
5) Those with extreme sunburn
6) Those who had injection within 24 hours
7) Those with injury, sprain, bruise, burn, inflammation, stretch mark and/or hernia
8) Those with contagious dermatitis and/or severe athlete’s foot
9) Those who had operation within 6 months
10) Those with Heart disease, Epilepsy disease, Osteoporosis, Angina pectoris, Myocardial infarction, High blood pressure, Diabetes mellitus, person who is receiving dialysis and other condition which we will figure not suitable to receive our relaxation treatment
11) Those with contrary attitude toward public order and morals
12) Those who is currently receiving medical treatment or in need of treatment
13) Those with strong body odor
14) Those with large voice, bad manner and neglect against our direction and/or warning

Please note, in order to provide high satisfaction level to our guests, we may discontinue to provide treatment to guests for a reason other than indicated above. Additionally, we won’t be responsible of any trouble or missing item happened at parking area. You are expected to be self-responsible of your own valuables.

Those who are receiving treatment for their first time

It’s possible our guests will experience muscle pain after treatment. Possibility becomes higher if you have requested our therapists for stronger/deeper massage. It’s very possible that this type of pain is soreness reacted by the massage.

Other typical body reactions are:
– You are experiencing pain after period of time followed by our treatment
– You feel pain when making movements
– Treated area feels dull

*This is same principle with ordinary muscle pain which people experience after sports or strenuous exercise. It’s more likely to occur if you have received massage for your first time or you have requested for stronger/deeper massage. This type of muscle pain can appear to anyone, and most cases, these soreness naturally fades away after period of time.
If you are concern with your soreness, you may be able to ease the symptoms by receiving another treatment. If your soreness continues after few days, we recommend to try receiving another massage.